Temporary Digital Pedagogy by Dustin Bakkie

A Quick Note:

This course was created and launched in March of 2020 during the crazy transition to online learning due to COVID-19. 

Sadly, I never finished it. Partly because my teaching duties kept me busy, but mostly because of my son's medical situation.

Boden is my son and currently 1 yr old (June 2020). Boden has Down Syndrome and a number of medical complications that are common with his extra chromosome. 

An unexpected surgery that came with complications including the need for another surgery, as well as an ER visit that resulting in medical transport, derailed me finishing this course. 

Much of the rest of the course is filmed and done, just not polished on posted. I may upload the rest unpublished for you. But as of now this course still has quality information, but as COVID-19 has changed so has our needs as educators.

I plan to offer many more resources and will still have this course available for purchase at a steep discount. ($49 instead of $199). But I want to be clear that it was never finished.

Thanks for your understanding! 

You Need To Go Online, NOW.

Your campus has moved to online classes due to the coronavirus, and you need to get your course online fast. I will show you exactly how to do it not only quickly, but better than your students expect! 

The Course is live and open but some video lessons are not available yet, and until they are I am keeping the price low! 

Pre-order now! $199 when done!

Buy Now $49

Going Online Isn't Easy

Likely you haven't ever had to do any online teaching or have had very minimal experience previously.

You know that a quality online course doesn't just magically appear in a few days. You know a colleague who did a year-long training to put their course online.

But now you are being asked to and don't know where to start. 

I have done the trainings and successfully run digital courses. I can help. 

You Can Get Your Course Online. I'll Show You How It Is Possible.

You can get any course digital-ready for temporary campus closure.

Understand What You Need to Know About Digital Pedagogy
Digital Pedagogy is an entire study upon itself. I will teach you what you need to know to successfully run a temporary period of online teaching and learning for your course. 

Give Yourself A Break
You aren't a digital teaching expert, that is okay, you don't need to be. You do not need to translate your course online perfectly. You need to help your student achieve their learning objectives in a new way. That, we can do. 

You're Not In It Alone
Coming up with alternative assignments and course content that works for digital learning and teaching can be scary and seem impossible. You will get tons of resources and ideas for content alternatives. 

Impress Your Department and Dean
Your boss is pushing you to send them your digital teaching plan. I've got you. We will come up with it together using my template. Your plan will be so thorough and organized; they will wonder how you did it. 

Keep Your Students On Track
Use my templates and scripts to communicate with your students. Reliable and clear communication is key to student success and retention during an online transition. Be ready to support your students. 

What Is Most Important
Learn content triage. What aspects of your course are KEY to student success and learning? Maximize these for online learning and ensure your students meet their learning objectives. 

How To:
I will show you a step-by-step video guide to using all the top tools and resources available to you. You won't only be ready to get your course online; you will be prepared to run it online regardless of how long your closure is. 

All The Best Resources
You will discover all of the best resources for digital pedagogy, including alternatives to ZOOM, for when it inevitably crashes.

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 4 files Text Icon 6 text files


Start Here:
A Quick Note:
Welcome and Start Here
5 mins
What to Expect From This Course
2 mins
The First 2 Key Steps to Take
4 mins
Online VS Traditional Learning and Teaching
7 mins
5 Things to Consider About Accessibility and Digital Teaching
11 mins
Prep Work: Get Ready to Go Online
How to Upload your Syllabi (and Files in general) to an LMS
3 mins
Post this For Your Students: 10 Things to Prepare for Online Learning
15.2 KB
Determine Your Plan
Temporary Digital Course Planning Worksheet.docx
16.3 KB
How to Choose Which Technology to Use
3 mins
Course Alternatives Matrix.docx
19.4 KB
Communicate Your Plan With Your Students
Student Temporary Online Instruction FAQS.docx
13.2 KB
Get A Decent Mic
7 mins
Why You Shouldn't Use Zoom For Digital Teaching and Learning
9 mins
How To: Access Your Course Materials Remotely
How To Access Your Course Materials Remotely
2 mins
How To Transfer Course Materials to A Flash Drive or Solid State Drive
3 mins
How To Transfer Course Materials to Dropbox
4 mins
How To Transfer Course Materials to Google Drive
2 mins
How To Transfer Course Materials to Microsoft Box
3 mins
How To: Digitally Communicate With Your Students
How to host digital office hours in Slack
How to Create Announcements in an LMS
3 mins
How To: Hold Live Digital Office Hours with Zoom
12 mins
How to Use a Virtual Background in Zoom
3 mins
How To: Create Digital Lectures
Why You Should Create a Podcast for Your Digital Lectures
11 mins
How to create pre-recorded lecture videos
How to Use Zoom for Live Lectures (And Something to Consider)
11 mins
How to screen record your iPad
6 mins
How To Create and Host a Podcast Lecture with Transcripts
18 mins
How To: Create an Online Quiz or Exam
Digital Exam Considerations
6 mins
Digital Teaching and Learning Resources
List and Links to Digital Teaching and Learning Resources

Money Back Guarantee

If this course doesn't prepare you to run your course online I will refund your money. 

Let me know what didn't work; I send your money back. Simple.

Temporary Digital Pedagogy