The Teaching Companion by Dustin Bakkie

The Teaching Companion

Boost Engagement, Improve Inclusion, and Teach with Compassion in your Next Class. 

Stop wondering what you can do to increase engagement, inclusion, and compassion in your classes. Keep this Teaching Companion by your side as you teach, and you can stop wondering and start fostering.  
We hear about all the grand ideas of how to boost engagement, improve inclusion, and teach with compassion. Often we don't have time to implement those grand ideas and changes; regardless of how big a difference they might make.

We're left asking, "what are small things I can do in my NEXT CLASS to take it up just a notch?" 

That is where this Teaching Companion comes in! You'll Find:
  • More than 10 engagement boosters you can use TODAY
  • A list of easy "Instead Ofs" to use as you teach
  • My favorite web resources for taking materials up a notch
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Yo, I'm Dustin.

I am an educator, learner, father, husband, and underground Pokemon battler. 

As a lecturer I found a drive to learn as much as I can about teaching and learning in higher ed. I wanted to be known for being compassionate, innovative, and inclusive.

I created Epic Higher Ed to explore and share what I am learning as I learn it. I hope that I can help you to become a better educator as I grow to be a better educator myself. 

Together we can make higher ed EPIC!