1 Hour Coaching Session by Dustin Bakkie

1 Hour Coaching Session

Let's work together to tackle whatever higher education teaching and learning topics you want to dive into. 

Two Heads are Better Than One

Sometimes you just needs a bit of inspiration and guidance. I would love to improve teaching and learning in higher education along side you.

Meet Digitally or In Person

If we are geographically close, I am happy to meet for some great coffee as we work together. Otherwise we can work together over Zoom. 

Yo, I'm Dustin.

I am an educator, learner, father, husband, and underground Pokemon battler. 

As a lecturer I found a drive to learn as much as I can about teaching and learning in higher ed. I began to realize it could be SO MUCH BETTER than it is. 

I created Epic Higher Ed to explore and share what I am learning as I learn it. I hope that I can help you to become a better educator as I grow to be a better educator myself. 

Together we can make higher ed EPIC!