My Course Map

This is my massive full-semester course map that I give my students to help them stay organized and succeed in my class.

Free EHE Mini-Workshop: Elevate your LMS in less than an hour by embedding documents

Learn how to embed documents into your LMS to improve student experience in under an hour!

Student Feedback in Remote Learning

Collect meaningful student feedback. With ready to go scripts and templates you can use in your NEXT CLASS (Pre-Register Now: $49 at Launch)

FlipGrid for Higher Ed: Create Innovative Assignments, Drive Engagement, and Foster Connections

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Use FlipGrid to create innovative assignments, increase engagement, and foster connection!

1 Hour Coaching Session

A live one-on-one coaching session with me on anything teaching and learning in higher ed.

Temporary Digital Pedagogy Course and 2 - One Hour Coaching Sessions

Get the full digital course and 2 one-hour coaching sessions with me to ensure your and your students success!

Temporary Digital Pedagogy

A How-To, Step-by-Step, video guide to transition your course online. Everything you need to get your course up fast and keep it up!

Dustin's Student Feedback Survey - FREE

Our Commitment To Supporting Students

Ever since Epic Higher Ed was a far off dream, I knew I wanted to use it to not only serve educators but serve students.

I have committed to putting 10% off the top of any sale or revenue to a scholarship fund to award to students. 

Thank you for making this commitment possible.

Yo, I'm Dustin.

I am an educator, learner, father, husband, and underground Pokemon battler. 

As a lecturer I found a drive to learn as much as I can about teaching and learning in higher ed. I began to realize it could be SO MUCH BETTER than it is. 

I created Epic Higher Ed to explore and share what I am learning as I learn it. I hope that I can help you to become a better educator as I grow to be a better educator myself. 

Together we can make higher ed EPIC!